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Naga peace pact 'any day'

India: Seven naga groups are on board over the peace talks, sources added.


Nagaland consultative meeting rejects Citizenship Bill

India: Opposition naga people's front and congress boycotted the meeting.


Citizenship (Amendment) Bill not applicable to Nagaland: CM

India: The citizenship (amendment) bill was passed in the lok sabha on january 8.


Peace talks: Key Naga group says no headway

India: The centre believes ‘substantive’ issues have been resolved but the political narrative being propounded by certain..


Corruption in Nagaland concerns church leaders

India: Tribal people in nagaland value candidates more than political parties at election time.


Nagaland churches not interested in govt’s ‘Holy Land’ package

India: The nbcc too had earlier said the offer was “political in nature” and people in nagaland are “unfazed” by it.


Choose between Trishul and Cross: Nagaland Baptist Church

India: The church organisation asked believers to not surrender christian principles and faith.