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Korean Catholics praise Trump-Kim summit

Korea: Archbishop says it provides a path for dialogue aimed at mutual understanding.


Some Catholics wary of South Korea's new president

Korea: Moon jae-in and his team are seen by many older koreans as sympathisers with the north.


Catholics join anti-nuclear energy campaign in South Korea

Korea: They're helping collect a million signatures for the goodbye nuclear power plants campaign.


Catholics plan for a future free from nuclear threats

Korea: Civil society groups have delivered a non-nuclear road map to korea’s presidential candidates.


South Korean Catholics demand Park's resignation

Korea: Local churches, groups show their opposition to 'choi soon-sil gate'.


South Korean Catholics warned to avoid cults

Korea: Dangerous sects proliferating on college campuses, diocese says.


North Korean Catholics hold rare meeting with foreign Christians

Korea: Highly restricted church is minuscule, but is it genuine?