Indian Catholic News

Lay Catholic food bank spreads across India's Goa

India: Future plans to assist the homeless and impoverished include a blood bank and an employment agency.


Lay Catholics express solidarity with Delhi Archbishop

India: The persecution of christians is at its height, in almost every state with tamil nadu, now in a total anarchy, the..


Lay Catholic dedicates his life to Kashmir's abandoned

India: Emmanuel appan provides food, shelter and medical care as well as emotional support to residents.


Pope accepts resignation of scandal-hit Indonesian bishop

Indonesia: Bishop hubertus leteng of ruteng was accused of misappropriating church funds and keeping a mistress.


Catholic Union seeks action against hate mongers

India: Since 2015, several people across india have fallen victim to incidents of mob lynching related to religious..


Indonesian lay Catholics join priests in demanding their bishop resigns

Indonesia: Bishop hubertus leteng's attitude and behavior violates gospel values, they say.