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Indian Islamic preacher stirs racial storm in Malaysia

Malaysia: Ministers call for zakir naik to be expelled but struggle to find anyone who will take him.


Oppressed Orang Asli face stark future

Malaysia: Malaysia's indigenous people are struggling to survive the cultural war waged against them.


Undocumented migrant worker in Malaysia wins right to be heard

Malaysia: Court rules authorities cannot use immigration laws to deny justice.


Marriage in Malaysia lures Rohingya women

Bangladesh: Criminal syndicates are exploiting women in bangladesh refugee camps to entice them onto unsafe boats.


Malaysia's PM bans child marriage

Malaysia: Minimum age for wedlock set at 18 following outrage over man marrying 11-year-old thai girl.


Malaysia to rein in policing of morals

Malaysia: State religious police have barged into homes to stop unmarried men and women being alone together.


Catholic becomes Malaysia's top judge

Malaysia: It is hoped the appointment of richard malanjum will ease concerns among non-muslims stirred by controversial rulings.