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Displaced Catholics in Myanmar's Kachin State eye new home

Myanmar: Caritas supports new resettlement areas as camp dwellers keen to rebuild lives but security fears keeps them far from..


Myanmar bishop calls for united peace effort

Myanmar: Bishop pyone cho says foreigners should help find solutions to rohingya crisis as well as pursuing rights violations.


Myanmar media feel unsafe as press freedom wanes

Myanmar: Critics rue 'collapse' of journalism as things worsen under the government of aung san suu kyi, but is anyone listening?..


Creation of UN body on Myanmar atrocities 'important step'

Myanmar: Un initiative seen as a blow to myanmar's deep-seated culture of impunity.


Ethnic army kicks out priest, nuns from remote Myanmar region

Myanmar: Expulsion comes after united wa state army destroys unauthorized churches, detains pastors.


China complicit in halting aid to Kachin in Myanmar

Myanmar: Catholic aid groups provide much-needed lifeline for ethnic group displaced by fighting near myanmar's border.


ICC opens initial examination into Rohingya genocide

Myanmar: Many steps required before myanmar military leaders can be arrested but icc's recent action seen as an important move.