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Myanmar nuns raise curtain on brave new world for women

Myanmar: Good shepherd sisters empower young women who have been living in fear of abuse, trafficking by offering vocational..


Hindu refugees want to return to Myanmar

Myanmar: Community leader says hindus feel neglected in bangladesh camps because focus remains on muslim rohingya.


Thousands flee as fighting erupts in Myanmar

Myanmar: Catholic agency monitors situation as at least 1,600 people take refuge in monasteries in shan state.


Rohingya refugee crisis hits Myanmar's economy

Myanmar: When growth falls and investment flees, it's the poor who suffer the most.


UN atrocities probe seeks action against Myanmar

Myanmar: Sufficient evidence of rohingya persecution to put military chiefs before international criminal court.


Church-run clinic throws lifeline to Myanmar's needy

Myanmar: Mandalay's st. francis xavier clinic caters to destitute, helps plug gaps in country's health-care system.


Displaced Catholics in Myanmar's Kachin State eye new home

Myanmar: Caritas supports new resettlement areas as camp dwellers keen to rebuild lives but security fears keeps them far from..