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Patronage, power trump God in the Philippines

Philippines: Country's electoral system perpetuates a cycle of corruption, injustice and conflict.


Filipino journalist spends night in jail in cyber libel case

Philippines: Rappler editor maria ressa posts $2,000 bail after journalists' body accuses govt of 'shameless act of persecution'.


Philippine bishops laugh off move to change country's name

Philippines: Duterte proposal to rename country is dismissed as 'another musing of an old man'.


The Philippine jailhouses of pain and suffering

Philippines: Govt covers up failure to rein in criminal syndicates by blaming children for their crimes.


Valentine's show raises awareness for Philippine poor

Philippines: Concert proceeds to be used to send more missionaries to impoverished communities.


Philippine dioceses ban electioneering in churches

Philippines: Church anxious to show impartiality as campaigning starts for mid-term polls in may.


2 Filipino bishops pass away on same day

Philippines: Both prelates had served as head of the national secretariat for social action of the catholic bishops' conference.