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What's in a name

Philippines: A person's name is the expression of their parents' hopes and dreams that they have for their child.


An altar boy and a priest on leave become bishops

Philippines: Pope francis has named eight filipinos as bishops of the catholic church this year.


Philippine church workers persevere despite death threats

Philippines: Attacks on rights defenders, agents of the church in negros province are not new and are 'expected' prelate says.


Security still tight at Philippine church despite low threat level

Philippines: Soldiers remain on guard at marian shrine a week after alert staus returns to normal to reassure public, military says.


Philippine Church, activists hold national 'day of mourning'

Philippines: Catholics march in protest against a wave of killings that has gripped the country in recent times.


The prospects of humanitarianism

Philippines: As the need for humanitarian action grows bigger, the ability to fulfil this need comes under greater pressure.


Manila's 'war on tribal schools' shatters childhood dreams

Philippines: Closure of 55 schools for teaching 'subversive ideologies' is victimizing children, activists say.