Indian Catholic News

Catholic schools in India's Manipur targeted by insurgents

India: Local govt vows to beef up security if needed, threats seen as extortion.


Manipur Catholic schools shut down after threats from insurgents

India: The principals of some schools declined to disclose the demands of the insurgents, but said the schools and colleges..


Court rules against Indian Baptists banning Catholics

India: Village edict excluding other religions, denominations unconstitutional, judge says.


Court rules against Baptist village expelling for faith difference

India: The issue gained prominence last august after the village authority denied a burial plot for a woman who belonged to one..


Two troopers die in Manipur blast

India: Rifleman indra singh was killed on the spot, while rifleman sohalal succumbed to his injuries within hours.


More villages flooded in Manipur

India: The main streets in the city areas at sagolband and uripok in imphal west district are also flooded.


Dalai Lama coming to Manipur for global peace conference

India: When the dalai lama visited arunachal pradesh some months back in the northeast there were serious objections from the..