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    Manila: Death in the dark (Part I)

    This is the first of a two-part gallery on the war on drugs..

MP, Mizoram witness 75 per cent polling

India: In 2013, mizoram witnessed 83.41 per cent polling and 82.35 per cent voter turnout in 2008.


Colourful campaigns in Mizoram, despite Church diktats

India: The state never used to witness election rallies; there were not even posters or pamphlets distributed for the elections..


As polls loom, ethnic rivalries return in India's Mizoram

India: Tribal identities trump religion in christian-dominated state as key parties appeal to wider voter base.


Protests erupt in poll-bound Mizoram over removal of top official

India: Christian-dominated mizoram is the only state ruled by the congress in northeast india that comprises eight states


Church group calls for fair polls in Mizoram

India: mizoram goes to polls on november 28.


BJP fields former pastors for Mizoram election

India: Majority of mizoram's population are christians, resulting in the bjp having a minimal presence.


Mizoram tribals in Tripura urge Centre to resume relief supplies

India: The reang refugees have been staying in tripura's kanchanpur and panisagar since october 1997 following ethnic tension.