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Helping the work of a saint in Calcutta

India: A reflection on the work and teachings of st. teresa on service to the poor through faith in action.


Concern grows as Mother Teresa nun remains in Indian jail

India: Political influence and sectarian hate suspected over repeated refusal of bail for 62-year-old sister.


Mother Teresa nuns face probe over funding allegations

India: Archbishop d'souza says jharkhand state's move is harassment of missionaries of charity congregation.


Pope draws lessons from Mother Teresa

India: History is written by people like mother teresa, those unafraid to offer their lives for love, pope says.


Mother Teresa biopic announced

India: The makers are looking at releasing the film in 2020.


Arunachal women pray for jailed Mother Teresa Nun

India: Sister concelia along with an employee of the convent anima indwar was arrested on 5 july 2018 in jharkhand capital city..


When a Mother Teresa nun cries out from jail

India: What pains me most is that an elderly woman, suffering from ill health could not get bail because the charges had not..