Kachin bishops meet Myanmar military chief

Myanmar: As fighting escalates in the north, church representatives call for finding peace through talks, not weapons.


Religious icons keep Myanmar market customers happy

Myanmar: Former seminarian sells items featuring the holy family alongside stalls packed with vegetables and clothes.


India, Myanmar sign MoU on Rakhine state development

India: According to misri, the mou is a government-to-government (g2g) agreement on long-term socio-economic development of..


Rape and murder of 100s of Rohingya detailed in new report

Myanmar: Human rights watch claims myanmar army atrocities were 'not just brutal, but systematic'.


Hunger and disease haunt Rohingya refugees

Bangladesh: 'sometimes we borrow from neighbors or we starve'.


Rohingya repatriation to Myanmar — reality or illusion?

Myanmar: Refugees in bangladesh yearn to return home, but only with citizenship and supervision by the international community.


Rohingya death toll 'could have climbed past 13,000'

Myanmar: Msf report indicates high rate of killings, but refugees in camps say the figure may exceed 15,000.