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Nagpur Archbishop dies in sleep

He was in new delhi for the annual meeting of the hindi regional bishops’ council.


The Australian nun who makes Duterte's blood boil

Apr 20, 2018

Philippines: Sister patricia fox says she..

Working dangerously in the Lord's vineyard

Apr 20, 2018

Philippines: Priests, nuns, religious and..

Church crackdown intensifies in China's Henan province

Apr 20, 2018

China: Sources say provincial party..

President in J&K, condemns Kathua rape

Apr 18, 2018

India: "it is our duty to ensure that such a thing..

Tamil Christians protest against violence, harassment

Police are allegedly ignoring attacks on christians committed by hard-line hindu groups in southern india.


SC trashes plea for SIT probe into Loya's death, triggers more fireworks

Dismissing the petitions, the court said: "there is no doubt and it is clear from the statements of the judicial..


Sexual crimes against minors in India up 500%: CRY

The national crime records bureau data of 2016 suggests that crimes against children in india have increased by 14 per..


Protesters march against India's rape crisis

As outrage grows over sexual assaults and murders of minor girls, people question the country's culture of impunity.


New bishop appointed for Quilon diocese

Bishop-elect mullassery was born on 15 january 1960 at kaithakody in the diocese of quilon.


Abolish groups that advocate "ideology of hate": Goa church

The goa church, appealed to prime minister narendra modi to eliminate the “growing ideology of hate” and..


Kolkatans march seeking justice for Kathua, Unnao rape victims

The interfaith candle light silent peace march for humanity demanded immediate justice and strengthening of the laws to..