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Nuns offer women and kids a way out of New Delhi slum

India: Social center run by sisters of the cross of chavanod provides kindergarten classes, skills training and female..


Calls for reform over India's 'vanishing girls'

India: Social preference for male children has created a worsening situation of gender inequality.


Lokpal office moves to The Ashok

India: President ram nath kovind on march 23 administered the oath of office to justice pinaki chandra ghose as the chairperson..


Caritas aims to ease India's hunger pains

India: Nationwide lent campaign focuses on malnutrition among children of socially poor groups.


Justice P.C. Ghose appointed India's first Lokpal

India: The appointments will take effect from the dates they assume charge of their offices.


Church-organized interfaith meet stresses unity

India: The muslim leader urged everyone to stand united against the small minority in their communities, who instigate hate and..


Reaffirming faith in the fight against climate change

India: India, on its part, is on track to meet at least two of the three commitments it made in paris.