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    Manila: Death in the dark (Part I)

    This is the first of a two-part gallery on the war on drugs..

Victims of Indian riots limp back to normalcy

India: Even 11 years later, hundreds are yet to get their own homes, while some have left their odisha villages and lands..


Indian minister compares religious conversion to 'sex for favors'

India: Christian leaders condemn remarks made by mp from state scarred by religious persecution.


Superstition stops Odisha priest's first Mass

India: After 11 relatives died in a bus crash, father digal found himself shunned by parishioners in odisha state.


Lay person elected to head Catholic press body

India: The association enjoys cbci’s patronage and has representation in international media organizations.


Witch hunts cast dark spell in superstitious India

India: Brutal murder of mother and four children reinforces the need for better education in poor tribal areas.


Kuldip Nayar – campaigner for Kandhamal Justice

India: Journalist-author anto akkara, who has been spearheading the campaign, says christians are jailed on fabricated charges.


Hindi book on Kandhamal riots released

India: The killing of swami laxmanananda, swami angivesh asserted, was ‘preplanned’ by the sangh parivar for political..