Indian Catholic News

Military veterans keep Pakistan churches safe during Easter

Pakistan: catholic brigadier runs veterans of pakistan network with muslim peers to safeguard scores of churches as bombers lurk...


Farmers on India-Pakistan border fear for lives, crops

India: Thousands of villagers have already fled as kashmir skirmish rages on; church urges dialogue to foster peace.


Pope asked to help resolve India-Pakistan crisis

Pakistan: Pakistani lawmaker has appealed to pope francis to actively support dialogue efforts.


Tense times for people on India-Pakistan border

India: As some kashmiris head to safety, others stay and pray for peace in the troubled region.


War fears spread on India-Pakistan border

India: Anxious residents stockpile food and medicines after major escalation of kashmir conflict.


Indian fighter jets crash: One in Pakistan territory, pilot 'taken alive'

India: Here were no immediate reports of the pakistani side having dropped any payload in the indian territory.


Pathways for the Pakistan Church in 2019

Pakistan: Pakistani church needs laypeople who 'dare to dream' just as pope francis has urged.