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Goa gets tough on immigrants taking up Portuguese surnames

India: Violators of name-change law can be punished with three years in jail.


Goa to conduct structural audit of protected monuments

India: All religious committees are given instructions to take care of structures and antiquities from all possible mishap..


Villagers oppose Goa's 'faulty' coastal development plan

India: Environmentalists fear commercial interests are being prioritized, despite evidence of rising sea levels.


Goa Church opposes garbage plant near UNESCO-listed churches

India: The press statement said that the plant's site identified by the state government was also in close proximity to other..


Catholic politicians strengthen pro-Hindu party in Goa

India: Members of the congress party who switched to the ruling bjp have been branded turncoats and opportunists.


Goa Congress splits, 10 MLAs join BJP

India: The stunning development takes the tally of bjp mlas from 17 to 27 in the state legislative assembly.


Goa Church to launch cancer prevention, support system

India: According to caritas-goa, about eight persons are detected with cancer every day in the coastal state.