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Philippine bishops submit response to sedition charges

Philippines: Prelates refuse to attend preliminary probe into charges of plotting to oust president duterte.


Philippine bishop issues appeal to save 'last frontier'

Philippines: Plans for a coal plant on the ecologically rich island of palawan will be an environmental disaster, green groups say.


Sedition charges against Philippine bishops, priests

Philippines: Move against clergy and vice president stems from release of video claiming duterte and family are involved in drug..


Philippine bishops sound alarm over renewed divorce push

Philippines: Opposition senator reintroduces bill to congress after similar one died in the upper house last year.


Philippine bishops deny hand in Duterte 'ouster plot'

Philippines: Pair accused of being behind video aimed at discrediting duterte's family by accusing them of having links to drugs..


Philippine bishop allows priests to forgive sin of abortion

Philippines: Granting of this ability not a license for women to terminate their pregnancies, bishop crispin varquez of borongan..


Philippine bishop condemns church killing

Philippines: Businessman shot dead in shrine compound in bacolod city following prayer meeting.