A year of living dangerously the Philippines

Philippines: The past 12 months has been a deadly one for the filipino poor with tragedy striking from many quarters.


Tropical storm leaves 31 dead in central Philippines

Philippines: Cardinal luis tagle calls for catholics to help, as more than 44,000 families moved to evacuation centers.


Philippines: Confession of a vigilante killer

Philippines: 'we killed him, we took him out of his house and shot him. we made it look like he fired a gun at us.'.


Philippines extends military rule in Mindanao for one year

Philippines: Opponents say move is needless, accuse duterte of plotting to declare martial law nationwide.


Rage, grief sweep Philippines after murder of priest

Philippines: Retired catholic priest known as activist, was shot after he facilitated the release of a political detainee.


Bishop welcomes international support for Marawi

Philippines: Leaders at asean summit in manila pledge to help in rebuilding conflict-torn southern philippine city.


Violent extremism entices Philippines' young Muslims

Philippines: Although the marawi seige has ended vigilance must be maintained as the threats remain all too real.