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Five years in, Pope Francis delivers on promise of Asia focus

Myanmar: The pope has visited five asian countries and pushed strongly for a deal with beijing on the appointment of bishops.


Church in India marks 5 years of Pope Francis

India: Cardinal gracias said the pope has a great love for asia.


Pope Francis needs deodorant too

Japan: Why has the pontiff not been more forthright in his actions towards those who protect sexual predators?


Spirituality in the time of Pope Francis

Philippines: 'simplicity demystifies the papacy when people witness the pope taking a bus'.


A personal pilgrimage to pray with Pope Francis

Myanmar: Internally displaced kachin woman traveled 1,200 kilometers to attend papal mass.


Pope Francis equates gossip in religious life to terrorism

Bangladesh: 'the tongue, brothers and sisters, can destroy a community by speaking badly about another person'.


'Make sure that you choose the right path'

Bangladesh: Our life is not without direction, it has a purpose given to us by god, pope francis tells young people in bangladesh.