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Assumption feast invites people to look to heaven with hope, pope says

Vatican City: He also expressed his concern and prayers for those affected by monsoons in south asia.


Pope calls on nations to protect lives of war victims

Vatican City: Pope francis marks geneva conventions anniversary by describing war and terrorism as 'the great human defeat'.


Pope Francis prays for monsoon victims in India

Vatican City: According to govt. reports, 152 people are confirmed dead and another 17 missing in india after days of heavy rains.


Court fines petitioner seeking to declare Canon Law unconstitutional

India: The court observed that the petitioner was not an aggrieved person belonging to the church.


Government asked to invite Pope to India

India: Kodikunnil suresh argues that allowing the first papal visit in 20 years would promote peace and tranquility.


Migrants are people, not just a social issue, pope says

Vatican City: Pontiff renews calls for people to show compassion for world's migrants after many die in libya air raid.


Pope, Putin discuss protecting Christians in Middle East

Vatican City: The russian president gave a positive assessment to the talks in the vatican.