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Duterte declares Virgin Mary's nativity feast a holiday

Philippines: It is the second time the philippine president has green-lighted a marian feast as a holiday.


Bishops slam Duterte's reaction to fishing boat sinking

Philippines: Prelates join various groups in accusing government of pandering to beijing following collision with chinese trawler.


12 years in search of a disappeared son

Philippines: Case of missing filipino activist jonas burgos has been won, but his whereabouts remain unknown.


Do not be afraid

Philippines: In the face of injustice, filipino families of the disappeared need to be like prophets and seek out and proclaim the..


Dark lord, dark times

Philippines: Duterte will most like ignore all lessons about deadly abuse breeding more discontent.


Why are they so cruel?

Philippines: Philippine govt move to strike 625 people from a list of forcibly disappeared will add to the misery felt by the..


Duterte's Philippine Church tirades met with Bible passages

Philippines: Archbishop's video intersperses clips of president's speeches against church leaders and bible readings.