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Duterte declares Virgin Mary's nativity feast a holiday

Philippines: It is the second time the philippine president has green-lighted a marian feast as a holiday.


Swaraj's body being shifted to BJP headquarters

India: The former external affairs minister passed away on tuesday night at age 67 following a cardiac arrest.


Church official warns lawmakers over Duterte's death penalty bid

Philippines: Philippine senators urged to act for people and not vote for capital punishment just to please president.


Philippine church groups set to join anti-Duterte protests

Philippines: Marches against president's policies are set to coincide with his state of the nation address.


Deported to a place they never considered home

Cambodia: Hundreds of cambodian refugees who grew up in the us have been sent back, often for the most minor offenses.


Bishops slam Duterte's reaction to fishing boat sinking

Philippines: Prelates join various groups in accusing government of pandering to beijing following collision with chinese trawler.


Philippine bishops deny hand in Duterte 'ouster plot'

Philippines: Pair accused of being behind video aimed at discrediting duterte's family by accusing them of having links to drugs..