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Rohingya Muslims found stranded on Thai island

Myanmar: Fishing boat that sailed from bangladesh drifted ashore after running out of fuel.


Three Rohingya Muslims detained in Assam

India: Superintendent of railway police hemanta das said: "they were detained after locals spotted them and intimated the..


It's time to face the Rohingya issue head on

Bangladesh: Ignoring the persecution won't make it go away.


Muslim council confronts Suu Kyi

India: The council demanded a clarification on the issue of ‘state sponsored’ violence against burmese muslims.


Traffickers’ boat sinks in Bay of Bengal

Bangladesh: Fleeing rohingyas involved in second boat tragedy.


General says Rohingya crisis is under control

Myanmar: Un rights envoy reaches area hit by ethnic violence.


Rohingya Muslim killings protested

India: The protest organized by the welfare party of india criticized the silence of suu kyi, a nobel peace prize winner and..