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Singapore airport named best, New Delhi's IGI at 59th

Singapore: Singapore changi airport is known for its rooftop swimming pool, two 24-hour movie theaters and shopping spots.


Cambodia's poor bite back upsetting the political establishment

Singapore: Smart phones reshape hun sen's election strategy.


Indian Imam to be repatriated for remarks against Jews, Christians

Singapore: Singapore's ministry of home affairs said april 3 that imam has paid the fine and will be repatriated.


Singapore Archdiocese warns of Kerala preacher

Singapore: It is not known if evangelist francis george thomas has violated the dogmas of the church.


Historical visit: Singapore's president meets pope

Singapore: Singapore's government appreciates role that religion can play in people's moral development, says archbishop.


Singapore Archdiocese helps students strengthen faith

Malaysia: Camp aimed to help young catholics form a community and empower them spiritually.


Singapore faith leaders call for more interfaith dialogue

Singapore: Education, formation promotes understanding between religions, they say.