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Overwhelming voter turnout in Jammu, dismal in Kashmir Valley

India: Jammu and kashmir is holding municipal polls after 13 years.


Militants threaten Kashmir polls with acid attacks

India: Not even the names of candidates are being announced in advance amid fears of islamist violence.


Gay rights mean little in Indian state

India: Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in jammu and kashmir unlikely to benefit from historic supreme court..


Eight militants killed, 12 security men injured in J&K

India: The pakistanis were killed in a 33-hour encounter in kakriyal village near the mata vaishno devi university.


India becomes the sick man of Asia

India: Millions are dying for want of basic medical facilities in neglected state hospitals.


Opposition mounts over more Sharia courts in India

India: But supporters say they are faster, fairer and more cost effective for dealing with muslim family matters.


Kashmiri Muslims accuse Hindus of demographic coup bid

India: Separatists vow to fight legal move to allow non-residents to own land in india's jammu-kashmir state.