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Teach a lesson to saffronizing Modi government: Stalin

India: He said the dmk was a fort founded on four pillars of rationalism, self-respect, social justice and equality.


Stalin elected as DMK President unopposed

India: The election for party president was necessitated after karunanidhi died here on august 7.


Death of atheist Karunanidhi saddens church people

India: Five-time tamil nadu chief minister was a champion of religious minorities and oppressed groups.


Iconic politician Karunanidhi is dead at 94

India: A dmk leader said karunanidhi's mortal remains will be laid to rest on wednesday.


Niti Aayog members voicing views against cooperative federalism: Stalin

India: Stalin said if niti aayog is to be used to centralise power and take away the power of the states then there is no..


Stalin leads protest against TN Speaker's trust vote decision

India: Stalin is leading the hunger strike in tiruchirapalli, around 350 km from here.


Don't smile at me: Stalin to Palaniswami

India: Reacting to that, panneerselvam had said smiling at another human being is one of the qualities that differentiates..