Farmers fight for rights equal to second freedom struggle: Hazare

India: Hazare said going to jail for the welfare of the country and its people is a badge of honour.


Faced with discrimination, Rohingya struggle for an education

Myanmar: Aung san suu kyi says there is no discrimination when it comes to schools in rakhine, but reality indicates otherwise


One elderly Catholic's struggle for democracy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Benedict ng, 81, is part of the 'gou wu group' who are campaigning for universal suffrage.


Indian farmers struggle with drought

India: Due to continuous lack of rain bundelhkhand region of northern india is hard hit by drought. about 80 percent of the..


The Philippines' struggle for power in 2016

Philippines: Propaganda-filled campaigns ignore needs of the poor.


Tribal children put their hopes, struggles into songs

Philippines: New album aims to raise awareness of the day-to-day difficulties faced by indigenous peoples in the philippines.


Fisherman Caught in a struggle for Survival

India: The film is about the fishermen community of rameshwaram, tamil nadu, whose livelihood is dependent on fishing in palk..