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China has say in Dalai Lama's successor: Beijing

China: The dalai lama, 83, has been admitted to a hospital in delhi with a chest infection but is reported to be in a stable..


BJP to ride its Sabarimala success in Kerala

India: They are expecting to put up their best-ever performance, the bjp leader said.


New Philippine lawyers credit God, prayers for success

Philippines: A tough and highly competitive bar exam this year sees double triumph for one couple.


Kerala women entrepreneurs to showcase success stories

India: The summit will further strengthen the cause of women entrepreneurs.


Braving rain, hundreds pay homage to Sister Nirmala

India: Sister nirmala became the second head of the order after its founder mother teresa stepped down from the post in march..


Sister Nirmala, Mother Teresa's successor, dies

India: Nun's devotion to poor commended by catholic and government leaders.


India successfully tests n-capable Prithvi-II missile

India: It was a user trial by the strategic forces command (sfc) of the indian army