Indian Catholic News

Twitter suspends Chinese religious group accounts

United States: A twitter spokesperson said that the accounts were suspended due to spam violations, the report noted.


Pakistani headteacher suspended for attacking Christian student

Pakistan: Boy, 12, beaten and abused for touching running tap in state school in punjab province.


Kerala Orthodox Church suspends five priests accused of sexual abuse

India: According to reports, three of the priests belong to niranam diocese in thiruvalla, and one each from thumbamon in..


Chilean church suspends 14 priests over child abuse

Chile: It was also pointed out that "both pastoral and judicial measures" have been adopted.


Godwoman dances with police officers, two suspended

India: An investigation was also ordered into the video clip of police officers singing with the godwoman.


Four teachers suspended for asking girl to remove innerwear for NEET

India: "this arose because of the dress code and we will register our strong protest against the cbse to the centre,"..


Bishop to suspend Indonesian priest for election run

Indonesia: Father rantinus manalu hopes his priestly duties would be reinstated if he loses or, after his public office ends if he..