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Former nun joins pro-Hindu teacher’s union

India: The state president of the union, sadanandan, gave her the membership during a meet of women teachers of the union here..


Resignation of university teachers over 'racist slurs' on hold

India: Four department heads submitted resignations on monday accusing some leaders of staff union of insulting them..


Catholic teachers in Vietnam urged to promote humanity

Vietnam: Bishop's message on teachers' day calls for students to accept disadvantages for the common good.


Indonesian teachers march for equal rights

Indonesia: Thousands take to streets in various cities to demand civil servant status and added benefits.


Tribal teachers in Mindanao seek church sanctuary

Philippines: Group appeal for help after accusing philippine military of trying to arrest them during a parent-teachers meeting.


Khattar government on backfoot over religious duties for teachers

India: The teachers were asked to get training and carry out the work of priests in view of lakhs of people coming for the..


World teachers body accuses Filipino military of rights abuses

Philippines: Education international lends voice to growing criticism of duterte threat to attack tribal schools.