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    Manila: Death in the dark (Part I)

    This is the first of a two-part gallery on the war on drugs..

China has say in Dalai Lama's successor: Beijing

China: The dalai lama, 83, has been admitted to a hospital in delhi with a chest infection but is reported to be in a stable..


Tibetans get home decor order: Hang Xi, Mao portraits

China: Dalai lama images removed from temples, monasteries as communist party reinforces iconography of its heroes.


China looks to squeeze Tibetan Buddhism even further

China: Tibetan monks, nuns, and lay buddhists told to integrate china's core socialist values into their religious practices.


Dalai Lama's abode deserted, Tibetans head to Bodh Gaya for 'Kalchakra'

India: The 'kalachakra' preliminary teachings will be held from january 5-8.


Tibet also needs China's help for economic growth: Dalai Lama

India: "the tibetans should be realistic and preserve their rich cultural traditions through genuine autonomy," he..


Tibetans resist ban on displaying Dalai Lama's image

China: China attempts to control image as spiritual leader enters his twilight.


Beijing's plans for Tibetan Buddhism condemned

China: China's communists cannot choose the dalai lama's successor, says tibet's leader in exile.