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Kerala priest and nun face murder trial

India: Sister abhaya was allegedly killed with an axe 27 years ago after witnessing illicit sexual relations.


SC shifts trial in Muzaffarpur shelter home case to Delhi

India: Chief justice ranjan gogoi said, "no one can go unpunished but that is not the end of it."


India vows speedier justice as court cases pile up

India: Supreme court working with ministry to recruit 6,000 judges as innocent suspects languish in jail for years awaiting..


Mumbai terror attack trial resumes in Pakistan

Pakistan: The prosecution completed the testimonies of 68 pakistani witnesses last year.


Telangana to develop industrial estate for Muslims

India: The cm's office statement said that charminar and its surrounding area will be developed like the golden temple in..


Over half India's jailed people are Dalits, Muslims, tribal people

India: Lack of education and poverty blamed for the disproportionate number of these marginalized people.


North-South Korean joint industrial complex 'should reopen'

Korea: Kaesong industrial complex was one of the last remaining points of peaceful engagement between north and south korea.