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UN chief's India visits highlights abuses

India: Guterres was told that anti-minority hindu nationalist extremism has been on the rise under pm modi.


UN chief visits Rohingya camps in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Muslim refugees hope antonio guterres's visit will spur international pressure on myanmar to allow them to return home.


Human rights situation improves: UN chief

United States: The universal declaration of human rights was adopted by the un general assembly on december 10, 1948, a date later..


Pope, UN chief in shock over migrant deaths, back action on climate change

Italy: Nearly 5,000 migrants have drowned in waters between libya and italy since the start of 2014.


UN chief calls for India-Pakistan dialogue

United States: India has rejected any role for the un or other third parties in dealing with the kashmir dispute.


Pope Francis to meet UN chief Ban Ki-moon

Vatican City: Meeting comes days after bruising un-holy see encounter.


Abducted Syrian nuns freed in prisoner swap

Syria: Group of 12 nuns exchanged for more than 100 female convicts.