Cambodian strongman displays iron fist and vulnerability

Cambodia: Hun sen cries in documentary featuring his escape to vietnam while serving the murderous pol pot regime.


Sunday Gospel Reflection With Fr. Bill Grimm

Thailand: The clearest presence of the reign is jesus, god's reign made flesh."the time of fulfillment has come" is..


West Bengal shows way to communal harmony

India: Mamata banerjee's even-handed approach to people of all religions is the right way forward.


Countries that back terror must be tackled: Army chief

India: Army chief said that a country which is victim of terror has to fight on its own war.


Government asked to establish universities for Christians

India: Plan by national commission for minorities draws mixed response amid claims it could increase divisions.


A young Catholic's quest to help poor out of poverty

Indonesia: Former journalist yoseph leribun is showing indonesian farmers on flores island how to revitalize industry, make money.


Modi to launch work commencement of Rajasthan refinery

India: The launch will be at 12.30 p.m, after which he will address a public rally.