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Rohingya refugees reject 'unconditional return' to Myanmar

Bangladesh: Second repatriation attempt from bangladesh camps without offering guarantees fails.


First Naga Baptist Church established in US

India: The official inauguration service was held on august 11.


Rohingya refugees skeptical over fresh repatriation plan

Bangladesh: Muslims who fled from myanmar to bangladesh after military crackdown want assurances about their security.


Indonesian Muslim cleric under fire for 'insulting' Cross

Indonesia: Christian's cry blasphemy after ustadz abdul somad calls crucifix an 'element of the devil'.


Tourism comes at a price for Bangladeshi indigenous people

Bangladesh: Tripura people complain that their land has been grabbed illegally for a luxury hotel in chittagong hill tracts.


What will the Jesuits do next?

India: Now it's being spelled out to them in four 'universal apostolic preferences'.


'Solidarity Mass' held for accused Philippine clergy

Philippines: Church reiterates support for those targeted with sedition and other charges by the authorities.