Indian Catholic News

Holy See reduces fraud risk

Vatican City: Vatican watchdog welcomes improvements, but some international agenceis point to slow judicial follow-ups.


Letter from Rome

Vatican City: The 82-year-old pope looks increasingly like a man rushing to complete a mission.


Christian life impossible without Holy Spirit, pope says

Vatican City: Pontiff describes spirit's transcendental power in terms of providing guidance, helping to overcome limitations.


Listen to the children who suffered clerical sex abuse

Vatican City: Victims' ordeals are worsened because they have not been heard and the problem has been covered up.


Ex-Pope breaks silence on church's sex abuse crisis

Vatican City: Since his resignation in 2013, benedict, 92, has rarely left his monastery high on a hill in vatican city.


Don't be spiritually lazy, pope says

Vatican City: The possibility of conversion is not limitless, pope says during angelus address.


God does not hide behind riddles, pope says

Vatican City: Pope francis says christians do not believe in random, unalterable or 'inescapable fate'.