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The Indian woman who changed her name at 45

India: Girl children in rural india are often named to show they're unwanted, says video volunteers.


Church hails big fall in India's childbirth deaths

India: Joint drive by government and private health workers brings 22 percent reduction in maternal mortality rate.


WHO lauds India's success in reducing maternal mortality

India: According to the world health organization (who), the mmr has declined by 77 per cent from 556 per 100,000 live births..


Why India cannot follow new WHO guidelines to protect mothers

India: Since there isn't enough funding, the ministry plans to provide maternity benefit only to first-borns.


'Declare people who died due to problems post-demonetisation as martyrs'

India: Soren said the execution of the demonetisation move was done in a wrong manner.


Take steps to protect people against tobacco: WHO

India: Tobacco annually kills six million people.


22 million infants miss out basic vaccines: WHO

India: The situation is so bad that of the 40 million children born in the southeast asian region every year, only about 75..