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Xinjiang: From the Opium War to 1950

China: Muslim rebellion and russian influence saw increasing uyghur influence in political institutions.


Xinjiang: China's divide-and-conquer strategy

China: One belt, one road initiative has parallels with qing colonialism in the 18th century.


Xinjiang’s ancient conflict: China’s false history

China: China's claim that the northwest region is its ancient territory has been disproved by historians.


Chinese media backpedals on Xinjiang passport order reports

China: Deleted story confirms accounts by ngos, independent outlets.


Beijing tightens control of religion in Xinjiang

China: Parents or guardians should not 'organize, lure or force minors into attending religious activities'.


China needs a dose of reality in marking 60 years of rule in Xinjiang

China: Fiercely independent uighurs have had few opportunities.


China restricts observance of Ramadan in Xinjiang

China: Civil servants, students and teachers told not to fast or take part in 'religious activities.'