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Five years in, Pope Francis delivers on promise of Asia focus

Myanmar: The pope has visited five asian countries and pushed strongly for a deal with beijing on the appointment of bishops.


A personal pilgrimage to pray with Pope Francis

Myanmar: Internally displaced kachin woman traveled 1,200 kilometers to attend papal mass.


Cardinal Bo thanks pope for visiting Myanmar

Myanmar: 'we are deeply moved by your paternal love for this church'.


Pope Francis' speech to the Catholic bishops in Myanmar

Myanmar: 'the gospel we preach is above all a message of healing, reconciliation and peace'.


Thanksgiving speech by Cardinal Charles Maung Bo

Myanmar: 'every catholic here with a grateful heart salutes your generosity'.


Pope's official address to govt authorities, diplomatic corps

India: Apostolic visit of his holiness pope francis to myanmar


Pope Francis' current visit has a wider regional dimension

India: Regional view is that pope francis has the personal moral authority to encourage dialogue as an alternative to violence...