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Another Hindu girl abducted in Pakistan

Some reports said the crime happened on Monday night.


Days after two minor Hindu sisters in Pakistan were allegedly kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam, another Hindu girl has been abducted by armed men in Sindh province, media reports said on Wednesday.

According to a FIR lodged by her father on Tuesday, his 14-year-old daughter was seized from their house by four armed men - three of them unknown to him - on March 17, the Dawn newspaper reported.

Some reports said the crime happened on Monday night.

One of the four suspects, who purported to be the girl's husband, denied her father's claim that she was a minor and claimed that the girl was 19 years old.

The complainant, a member of the Hindu community in Jam Khan Pitafi village, said that his daughter's life was in great danger and asked the authorities to take immediate steps to recover the girl.

The latest case has emerged days after two Pakistani Hindu girls in Sindh province were allegedly kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men. But the girls claimed in a video that they had embraced Islam willingly.

On Wednesday, a court in Islamabad, ordered the government to take custody of the girls and ensure their safety till their case was decided.


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