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Anti-nuke activists seek support of emabassies

PMANE activists write letters to embassies, high commissions.

New Delhi: 

The anti-nuclear protesters have sought the support of various high commissions and embassies in New Delhi for their peaceful struggle against the Koodankulam nuclear power plant.

The activists of People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), which is spearheading the anti-nuclear campaign, have sought the support through letter written to the offices of the embassies and high commissioners.

"We, several millions of people from the southernmost tip of India, are writing to you to seek your support for the struggle against the Koodankulam nuclear power project (KKNPP," the letters stated.

"We have intensified our struggle since August 2011 with indefinite hunger strikes, relay fasts, massive marches, siege protests and so on," the letters further said.

The protest against India's largest nuclear power project at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu's Tirunelveli district reached a flash point in recent months with fuel loading in the plant and clashes between the police and protesters in the region besides Jal Satyagrahas and sieges on sea and land.

"This mega nuclear power park is being built with Russian loan and technology against the will and wishes of the local people. The Indian authorities have not conducted any public hearing to seek our permission or consent for this project," the activists said in the letters.

"They have not shared the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report, the Site Evaluation Report, and the Safety Analysis Report with our people," they said.

Source: india blooms

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