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Bangalore archdiocese opens office for persons with disabilities

The commission will network with like-minded agencies, groups and individuals to help persons with disabilities.


The archdiocese of Bangalore has set up a commission to specially care for persons with disabilities on Dec. 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore opened the office saying it was the responsibility of the archdiocese to respond to the special needs of the persons with disabilities in the churches and institutions.

Quoting government statistics, Father George Kannanthanam, secretary of the commission said that 2.2% of the country’s population or 27 million Indians have physical disability. The Church has to take an active part in bringing such people to the “main stream” of life, he said.

According to the priest the vision of the commission was to “bring God’s compassion to the differently abled persons and help them live joyfully."

According to Kannanthanam, churches and institutions at present don’t have the basic infrastructure and program that take care of the persons with disabilities.

The commission plans to gather information and data of the differently abled through primary and secondary sources and to create awareness to develop an atmosphere of receptivity and interaction.

Pastoral interventions to enable them to live their spirituality and religion and understanding, promoting and implementing the rights of the differently abled are among the other objectives of the commission.

The commission will also network with like-minded agencies, groups and individuals to achieve the objectives.

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