Caritas Bangladesh campaigns for peace in Syria

Church groups find an innovative way to respond to papal call to express solidarity with war torn country.


More than 1,000 people participated in a human chain in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on March 13 in response to Pope Francis' call for prayer and peace for war-ravaged Syria.

Caritas Bangladesh, the church's social service wing, regional office organized the program with help from other civil society organizations and charities. The program included a prayer service and the creation of a human banner spelling the words "peace for Syria."

"What is happening in Syria could happen to any of us. No one is free until we're all free. Despite the immense scale of human suffering and instability there is a lack of serious effort from world leaders to end the violence," said Jyoti Gomes, Caritas Dhaka regional director.

Akhila D'Rozario, director of Mirpur Agricultural Workshop and Training School, who co-hosted the event said the suffering in Syria has become unbearable for humanity.

"We struggled for nine months for independence in Bangladesh [n 1971] so we realize how the people in Syria are suffering. We all gathered here to pray for Syria so that peace can be established," he said.

Source: UCAN

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