Sri Lankan priest's spirit lives on

Sri Lanka: Controversial theologian whose excommunication was reversed is remembered on the fifth anniversary of his death.


Priest forges close ties with Indonesian leader

Indonesia: Father antonius benny susetyo advises group promoting communal tolerance and understanding.


Indian priest, nun get jail term for defying court order

India: Pair intend to appeal against sentence for failing to reinstate students expelled from catholic school in madhya..


Mumbai priest's blog takes up difficult issues

India: Father joshan rodrigues studies social communications in rome.


Priest criticizes Vatican over Indonesian bishop case

Indonesia: British cleric fires broadside at closed-door tribunals, calls for tranparency in disciplinary matters, appointing..


Mumbai priest conducts ancient Biblical Hebrew, Greek courses

India: The priest has also initiated a study of ancient greek through the new testament.


Catholic priest in Delhi advocates cremation for Christians

India: The lack of space for christian and muslim graveyards has been a growing concern in delhi and other indian cities.