Indian Catholic News

Catholic cemetery vandalized in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Diocese will absorb the repair costs to ease the pain and sorrow of affected families.


Syro Malabar Catholics in Delhi get new cemetery

India: The dioceses established in 2012 aims to provide pastoral care for some 150,000 syro-malabar catholics in and around..


Hindu Aikya Vedi to move Kerala High Court over cemetery

India: Earlier, the aikya vedi along with local residents had objected the first burial at the cemetery.


Find plot for cemetery in 4 days, HC to Maharashtra government

India: The pil mentioned that the christian community had not been allotted a single burial ground since 2000.


Catholics castigated for opposing Muslim cemetery in Goa

India: Archbishop filipe neri ferrao said that disposal of dead bodies is a basic right of every religious community.


Depressed son steals mother's body from Kerala Church cemetery

India: People found the tomb open and coffin lying outside.


Bishops revive 'virtual cemetery' for All Souls' Day

Philippines: Internet page aims to allow filipinos abroad to take part in tradition to honor dead loved ones.