Christians conduct prayer service amid police security

Police protection for Maharashtra congregation amid threats.

New Delhi: 

Christians in a Maharashtra town conducted Sunday Service amid police protection after a social and economic boycott was imposed on them allegedly by Hindutva forces in the area.

“Around 25 Christians attended the prayer service. People are still scared as Hindu fundamentalists had threatened to disrupt the service,” Br. Ravindra Jadhav told

The service was held in a house church in Manor village of Palghar district in Maharashtra yesterday.

The church was attacked and the worshipers, including women and children, beaten up on Dec. 30 last by a mob of 400-500 Hindu fundamentalists.

No prayer service was held in the church since then and the community members had to go to a church 20 kms away from their home for prayers.

Br. Jadhav said that the community members, including mostly tribal people, have been allowed to draw water from the wells and are getting fire wood from the shops to cook food.

The community was last week denied the basic essentials as a social and economic boycott of Christians was in force in the area after a village council meeting which restricted practicing Christianity in the area.

Br. Jadhav said that the fundamentalists are against anyone coming from outside to conduct the prayer service or attend it.

“They have threatened to kill anyone who comes from outside to attend or conduct a prayer service,” he added.

The fundamentalists are reported to have said that they have orders from their seniors to prevent any practice of Christianity in the region.

Christians say that the region has been simmering since the last over 2 years, with the community being targeted and the police looking the other way.

Earlier, Christians in Malvan in Sindhudurg district of the state were attacked during a Sunday service on Dec. 2 last.


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