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Church continues cleanliness drive

Parishioners too supported the effort by the church.


For the last 12 years, the Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church in Arambol village, Goa, is making efforts of to ensure a plastic-free village.

It recently held a two-day cleanliness-cum-awareness drive in this regard.

“The church has taken up such an initiative in the village for the protection of the environment,” said Fr Pio Almeida, who led the drive along with village council member Inacio D'Souza.

Parishioners too supported the effort by the church.

Bags of cigarette packets, chewing tobacco sachets, plastic bottles, packets of chips, polythene bags were collected from Khalchawada, Arambol tinto, Arambol beach, Madhalawada and Girkarwada.

"We asked people to stop using plastic and to use dustbins instead of disposing waste in the open," said the priest.

During the drive, volunteers warned locals and tourists against littering, disposing wet waste in plastic bags and informed how wet waste should not be mixed with any other type of waste.

They explained the tourists how depositing waste on streets, in public spaces and vacant sites cause hardships to cattle and stray dogs and in turn create a serious threat to human beings.

"The collected plastic will be handed over to the contractor who will recycle it or dispose it in a scientific manner," D'Souza said.

Villagers were urged to segregate their dry and wet wastes at source to reduce the burden on dumps.

Source: Times of India

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