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Church would not bow to pressure: KCBC

It said Kerala's development model is globally acclaimed.


The Kerala Catholic Bishops' Council (KCBC) has said that it would not bow to any 'undue pressure' from any quarter in the fields of education and health care.

It said the state’s development model, mainly in these sectors, is globally acclaimed.

“The Kerala model of development is acclaimed nationally and internationally mainly for achievements in health care and education in which the Church and tributary organizations have played pivotal roles,” said KCBC president Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhath of Thrissur.

The prelate said that if anybody or any organizations wish it to withdraw from these sectors, “it would be very difficult to budge to them.”

He was speaking at the valedictory of the 40th anniversary of Catholic Union and Kerala Catholic Youth Movement in Thrissur.

He said the factional feud in the ruling United Democratic Front had transgressed its tolerance limit and caused a stumbling block to governance.

The archbishop described as totally baseless the criticism that Church-run educational institutions have joined to make education a business in the sate. The Church had not commercialized education, he said.

He also flayed the tendency of communalizing every issue in in the state.

"Everything in the state is given a communal hue. Groupism and communalism have raised their ugly heads in every situation. Race and religion are being taken into consideration for everything and the Church was totally against it," he said.

Source: Zee News

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