Indian Catholic News

United, not Anglican, Churches in India

India: Archbishop welby’s forthcoming visit raises some hard questions, says israel selvanayagam.


Filipino Catholics unfazed by terror threats on churches

Philippines: Muslims show support by staging protest outside catholic shrine in manaoag to condemn terrorism.


Christians seek better security at churches

India: Call comes after kerala police arrest man accused of having links to islamic state.


Heritage churches closed following Philippine earthquake

Philippines: A 6.1-magnitude quake kills at least 11 people in country's north, 24 declared missing.


Mizoram churches to pray for peaceful elections

India: The church body also appealed political parties to refrain from offering money for votes.


Mass anti-Bill prayers in Mizoram churches

India: The bill, being vehemently opposed in the northeast, was passed in lok sabha on january 8.


Pakistani churches on alert following Asia Bibi acquittal

Pakistan: Islamist group tehreek-e-labaik launches protest as leader calls for death of judges who cleared catholic mother of..