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Online predators prey on unloved children

Parents can prevent abuse by developing caring relationships with their offspring in early childhood.


Christmas trees rise at last in devastated Philippine village

Dec 9, 2018

Philippines: Undefeated by typhoon,..

Taiwanese priest arrested twice for possessing drugs

Dec 9, 2018

Taiwan: Professor at catholic..

Jharkhand's move on tribal people vexes church leaders

Dec 9, 2018

India: The state government plans to..

Parliamentary panel meet on Citizenship Bill inconclusive

Nov 27, 2018

India: The 2016 bill was introduced in the lok sabha by..

Boxer Rebellion surfaces again in China

What is beijing's goal in heaping praise on historic uprising and glorifying it as a patriotic movement?


A time of renewal for Christians

While advent is a joyous season, it is also a season of reconciliation with the lord.


Philippine dam project a disaster waiting to happen

Big-ticket infrastructure projects are fine, but not if they destroy the environment.


Can Sikh corridor build India-Pakistan relations?

Even though religion has been a diplomatic tool for centuries, peace talks remain a long way off.


Letter from Rome

Catholic women want to help but why won't the pope let them?


Church must answer for child abuse

Silence over the scandal of child sexual abuse at the hands of clergy is leaving kids untreated, unhealed, and..


The care that children need

Many 'throwaway kids' from the philippine slums are languishing behind bars where they suffer horrific forms of abuse.