Indian Catholic News

Act on clergy abuse cases or face a Tsunami

Threat of backlash maintains the silence around the issue of sex abuse.


Pakistani Catholics hiding in Bangkok's shadows

Jul 19, 2018

Thailand: After fleeing religious..

Report claims Myanmar military planned Rohingya genocide

Jul 19, 2018

Myanmar: Mass killings, rape and arson..

All Missionaries of Charity homes to be inspected

Jul 19, 2018

India: Ministry's order follows..

Priest from Punjab arrested in Delhi after rape complaint

Jul 19, 2018

India: Singh is the pastor of a church in punjab's..

Letter from Rome

Preparing the next papal trip to argentina


Philippines needs more shepherds to defend flock

Should we wait for more blood on our altars before we march from our parishes to the halls of justice?


Echoes of India's 1975 emergency under Modi regime

Bjp-led government has been called authoritarian, inviting comparison with indira gandhi's rule 40 years earlier.


Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar army hit dead end

As nobel peace prize laureate inches toward generational change, army chief fixes eye on 2020 presidential poll.


Living in the midst of uncertainty

Australian nun sister patricia fox talks about standing up to philippine president duterte and championing the poor.


Fighting and dying for freedom

Rights campaigners in the philippines and around the world have sought to protect human dignity.


China cannot be trusted on Sino-Vatican deal

Xi jinping's government has no mercy and respect for the catholic church and no commitment to anyone.