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Painting murals for a better future

An indonesian village is using art to brighten prospects for the young generation.


Victims of Indian riots limp back to normalcy

Jul 17, 2019

India: Even 11 years later, hundreds..

ICC team visits Bangladesh over Rohingya atrocities

Jul 18, 2019

Bangladesh: Second team is probing the..

Kerala priest and nun face murder trial

Jul 18, 2019

India: Sister abhaya was allegedly..

GSLV rocket glitch rectified, Chandrayaan-2 may launch next week

Jul 17, 2019

India: The rocket gslv-mk iii was supposed to lift off at..

Religious persecution of Christians gets belated attention

Uk report finds that 'global phenomenon' has been ignored because of post-colonial guilt.


Ershad leaves bitter Bangladesh legacy

In the wake of the former military ruler’s death, corruption and political violence continue to bedevil the nation.


Letter from Rome

From his stance on migrants to his encyclical laudato si', pope francis causes controversy.


Khmer Rouge leaders consigned to dustbin of history

Genocide conference expected to paint cambodia's tragic past in a new light.


Letter from Rome

In an overlooked address, the jesuit pope offers a renewed theology for our turbulent times.


Who doesn't want peace and reconciliation?

Conflicting parties in family, society or nations can find peace if they really want to.


Addressing the roots of clergy sex abuse

Priests not capable of change or undergoing therapy are better dismissed from the priesthood.