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Jakarta riots another page in long history of hard-line Muslim ambition

Post-election violence highlights gaping rift between indonesia's secular and islamist camps.


Fears over Chinese 'sharp power'

May 25, 2019

Taiwan: Taiwan conference discusses..

Vietnamese nuns fight for their land

May 25, 2019

Vietnam: Plot in hanoi was illegally..

Unease among India's minorities as Modi wins election

May 25, 2019

India: his pro-hindu stance secured..

Faith is over, filth remains in Prayagraj

May 21, 2019

India: Journalists, in general, are barred from visiting..

Cultures of amazement

'new religious movements' are models for theological processes aimed towards self-criticism and self-improvement.


Letter from Rome

Pope francis' most recent address to rome's diocesan assembly did not make many headlines but it should have.


Will India's ecumenical network beat clergy sex abuse?

Rape charges against jalandhar bishop force indian church to face its own demons, vindicate long-silenced nuns and lay..


Humanity is dirtying its own nest

We depend on nature for our survival yet it's in a dire condition because of our destructive, uncaring ways.


Letter from Rome

The 82-year-old pope looks increasingly like a man rushing to complete a mission.


The best resources poor people have are other poor people

Teenager flees pakistan because of blasphemy allegations, he arrives in bangkok with not much more than the shirt on his..


12 years in search of a disappeared son

Case of missing filipino activist jonas burgos has been won, but his whereabouts remain unknown.