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Death and bounties in the time of Duterte

'wanted' posters targeting rights workers, peasant leaders and tribal elders are cropping up in the philippines.


Catholic workers in Bangladesh labor over Lent

Mar 16, 2018

Bangladesh: Migrant workers find juggling..

Views differ in Hong Kong about church's future in China

Mar 16, 2018

China: Vatican deal could push aside..

Newly ordained bishops reflect on Church’s commitment to society

Mar 17, 2018

India: The bishops are at a seminar..

Ayodhya parties free to settle dispute, says SC as it begins deciding title suit

Mar 14, 2018

India: The next hearing is on march 23.

Inclusive growth, an impossible dream

Church leaders are aware that there is no 'trickle-down effect' from economic gains.


Letter from Rome

Five years of pope francis and the principle of reform.


Vatican-China deal is a long way off, if it's even done at all

Way forward in china for all christians will not be through deals and negotiated settlements.


Political instigation stokes deep-rooted Sri Lanka conflict

Government must create a new culture in which all sections of the population feel a sense of belonging and security.


Patriarchal minds shrink public space for Indian women

Many followers of the ruling bharatiya janata party are hardliners not committed to the idea of female equality and..


Building a better world for women in Bangladesh

Despite having a female premier, women find the fight for equal rights is a well-trodden road with much distance yet to..


Women in the time of Duterte

Philippine president's strategy to employ a gender-based assault dehumanizes females.