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Modi under challenge in India's crucial Gujarat state

Prime minister's decisions to withdraw high-value bank notes and impose a new tax has damaged bjp's standing.


Rahul Gandhi challenged over his mother's Catholicism

Dec 13, 2017

India: Political trouble-makers have..

Philippines extends military rule in Mindanao for one year

Dec 13, 2017

Philippines: Opponents say move is..

Ockhi cyclone: number of missing spirals to 600 in India

Dec 13, 2017

India: Catholic fishing communities..

PM has helped me the most, don't hate him: Rahul Gandhi

Dec 13, 2017

India: "modiji has helped me the most... how can i..

Christmas: a marketing strategy in India

As in other parts of the secular world, christmas is fast becoming a reason to have a holiday without the holiness.


Liberating youngsters from toxic religious fanaticism

Almost one in four students supports jihad to establish an indonesian caliphate, survey shows.


Modi: From Democracy to Demagoguery

The populist leader avoids press conferences, brooks no rivals, dominates his party, and disdains democratic processes.


Letter from Rome

The vatican’s former doctrinal chief warns pope francis of a looming schism. what’s behind this ominous threat?


Philippine killings prompt militancy among Christians

Duterte's continued tirade against religious institutions 'spawned the seeds of disgust'.


Duterte 'the destroyer' invents a new class of cronies

Philippine president is cozying up to major international players who care little about abuses of human rights.


Court ruling boosts religious rights in Indonesia

But ongoing persecution against minority groups shows country still has a long way to go to achieving real religious..