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UN Security Council cannot turn its back on the Rohingya

Lack of 'magic solution' does not exempt world body from ensuring justice is served for persecuted ethnic group.


Pakistan archbishop's interfaith focus leads to red hat

May 21, 2018

Pakistan: Peace-loving joseph coutts is..

Mindanao religious leaders unite against violent extremism

May 22, 2018

Philippines: Catholic bishops and muslim..

Kerala HC quashes FIR against Cardinal in land scam

May 22, 2018

India: The court added that if the..

Goal of education must not be limited to getting job: Kovind

May 21, 2018

India: The president noted that the university has the..

Access to land is a must for reconciliation in Sri Lanka

For rural communities, land is much more than a piece of property with a financial value.


Letter from Rome

Chile's bishops offer their resignations en masse.


Seeking Jonas: The search for a missing son in the Philippines

Jonas burgos was abducted in april 2007 by philippine security forces and is still missing, writes his mother.


Corruption is a social sin

Some members of the clergy have become beneficiaries through donations coming from those engaged in graft.


Pakistan's 'moral brigade' shuns fair play for Sharia

When sport becomes sinful and kites are outlawed, religious extremists strip the world of its color.


Letter from Rome

Pope francis continues to rehabilitate church radicals and rebels.


Seasonal and nominal Catholics in the Philippines

It's not quite clear how many catholics have been truly evangelized and have gone through a process of personal..