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Letter from Rome: Why Pope Francis is not afraid of schism

One reason a formal schism is unlikely is because it is unnecessary.


Even at 88, a Sri Lankan priest won't be silenced

Sep 16, 2019

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Philippine churches urged to spur peace efforts with rebels

Sep 15, 2019

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PM Modi marks birthday releasing butterflies, amid nature

Sep 17, 2019

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Kashmir's new timetable for shopping

Sep 13, 2019

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Prophetic response to a dictatorship

'never again' remains an apt slogan in present day philippines as country marks anniversary of declaration of martial..


Speaking the truth can be a risky undertaking

Philippine church people facing sedition charges are being punished for criticizing government rights abuses.


Finding Mary in today's world

In whatever circumstance we find ourselves, we can find the solution in mother mar.


Synodality means 'walking together'

How pope francis is shaping a new conversation in the church.


Letter from Rome: The pope's detractors are seeing red

After pope announces new cardinals, he is being accused of 'stacking the deck' with cronies and outsiders.


The Virgin Mary's inspiration

The significance of the blessed mother's birthday amidst alleged human rights abuses in the philippines.


Timor-Leste dancing to Indonesia's tune despite 20 years of independence

Dili celebrates a vote that sparked bloody carnage as papua descends into violence.