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RS passes Bill including death penalty for child abuse

India: As per official data, about 12,609 rape cases were registered under the posco this year.


Church official warns lawmakers over Duterte's death penalty bid

Philippines: Philippine senators urged to act for people and not vote for capital punishment just to please president.


Protests, legal challenge in Sri Lanka over death penalty

Sri Lanka: The executions would be the first in the island nation since 1976.


Philippine church leaders wary of return of death penalty

Philippines: Bishops issue warning against capital punishment after new lawmakers voice support for its return.


The drug corporations that kill

Philippines: We have to care and help all those addicted by the irresponsible use and distribution of pain killers.


Sirisena ignores pleas to axe death penalty

Sri Lanka: Watchdogs hound sri lankan president to respect convicts' right to life, as applications for job of hangman flood in.


Protected by the mark of Cain

Philippines: There are lessons to be learnt from the cain and abel story in the context of drug-related killings in the philippines.